glTF Exporter

What is the plugin?

glTF Exporter add-in for Revit exports your project to popular  3D glTF format. glTF is universal file format for transferring 3D assets which almost every 3D software can handle. With glTF Exporter it has never been easier to get a Revit project in gltf format.
Get it from the  Autodesk App Store or ask for a special quote sending us an email.

How does it work?

The add-in is compatible with Revit 2018 or later. Open any 3D view, run the command and choose settings (link to Settings Explained section) for export. The output folder will appear immediately after the export process ends - you can preview the model in standard Windows 10 viewer by double clicking gltf file. Once you have the gltf file you can send it to your client, share on the internet, preview in many gltf viewers or import into your software development project - use it any way you like.

How our solution helps clients?

glTF Exporter helps architects to seamlessly bring their projects into real-time visualization environment like Unity or UE - no geometry optimization needed, skip complicated import steps to devote more time to setting up object interactions, reflections, lighting and RTX support for your next-gen real-time visual  presentation.