Griffel Studio develops automation solutions for the AEC industry.

We create mobile, desktop and cloud applications to change processes inside the industry to reimage usual workflows, make them faster and simpler, at the same time keeping them deep and reliable as they were for centuries.


We create software which solves the industry questions on how to implement BIM in a company easier, what's the best way to use VR in the office.

Griffel Studio collaborates with architectural firms to understand what's needed for them now. This collaboration has resulted in mutually beneficial projects we are currently working on. We believe that each peace of work produced by our company will become a part of something big in future,  follow us   to stay informed.

We create software which improves design workflows and helps to get the job done better , delivering impressive results to customers faster. Apart of this, if you need a custom solution to fulfill your design needs - just get in touch, we are here to discuss, share ideas and create decisive programs for your AEC business.

  • Mobile and web application development

  • Revit plugins creation

  • Mixed Reality solutions


The core of our team consists of dedicated engineers - specialists who hold industry specific knowledge, implement software development best practices and are capable of working beyond AEC and IT fields, masterfully leveraging working principles of both and bringing the best of each into the other.

Having departments in Sydney Australia, Atlanta USA and Minsk Belarus we are working 24 hours a day, so you can reach us anytime

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